Frequently asked questions

What is the Luciana Diniz Academy?

This is a teaching equestrian riding skills and life coaching academy made up of training programmes addressing both horse riding and human emotional needs, both professional and amateur riders and non-riders using elearning tools and live events.

What is the Mission and Vision of the Luciana Diniz Academy?

Our mission and vision is to make all our clients even more successful as riders, trainers, coaches and equestrian enthusiasts, no matter what their starting point is, no matter what their difficulties might be or whether they are five-star sport competitors, beginners or even non-riders.

What are the products of the Luciana Diniz Academy?

- GROWRIDE2rideGreat: where clients can come with or without their horses (as arranged every year in several countries worldwide) and participate in a special training program for horses and riders.

- Luciana Diniz Butterfly Method: online e-learning and certification course combining riding exercises and the psychological expertise to get you there.

-Luciana Diniz Butterfly Exercises: experiences and live training clinics where riders and horses can come and participate, Train the Trainer & Master coach, Butterfly Training days.

- Luciana Diniz ‘My way’ Masterclass: series of training videos, starting with level 1, ‘Fundamentals’.

- Books: to date, Luciana has written two books, Fit 4 Gold (about her journey to and during the Rio Olympics with her horse ‘Fit For Fun’) and ‘Jump 4 your Dreams’ (all about Luciana, her horses, and about the Butterfly Method and its unique philosophy).

- Workbook: a workbook to help riders plan, organize and prepare themselves for success in the ring.

- Webinars: live, interactive sessions with highly skilled mental sports coaches, riders, trainers and Luciana herself. Webinars are spaces for questions and answers, opportunities and support for participants in many equestrian-related topics (mental sports coaching, veterinary expertise, riding courses and strategies, organizational and planning skills for competitors).

Podcasts: listen to various experts in a variety of equestrian fields discuss relevant topics and issues.